Decide how the risks should be addressed

Once you have identified the risks, the next step is to determine which solution will eliminate those risks. Again, the choices are diverse; stretching from risk analysis, legal advice, IT-auditing and solutions to training, monitoring and incident response. Many organizations who use cloud solutions, are barely aware where their data 'lives'. This implies they are insufficiently aware of the risks this generates. Many companies do not comply with the laws and regulations that have been put in place to minimize these risks. Which level of oversight do you claim to have when it comes to securing the health and safety of your company data? Can you determine who has used and altered sensitive information or when documents were updated and shared with others?. To what extent are supplier contracts and agreements in line with the quality you need to provide to your customers?

All these questions and similar ones are on the boardroom’s agenda, requiring sustainable answers, that will keep the company’s information and reputation safe. Simultaneously some countries impose legislation that obligates you to have this level of insight and control.

DataXS of XSecutive provides secure data storage and information sharing that will allow you to have that view on the health and safety your sensitive information. This storage solution is compliant with the Dutch law "Hailing Data breaches”.

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