How will RiskXS be of value?

RiskXS offers guidance during the process from risk assessment to the deployment phase. You will be provided with information that will help get the proof of the actual risks and consequences. The loss or theft of sensitive business information can lead to:

a. Weaker market position
b. Lower value of the enterprise (stock exchange)
c. Loss of competitive advantage
d. Impact on corporate image
e. Financial implications
f. Legal prosecution
g. Disruptive production (by data corruption)

Although laws and regulation may be the reason that  organizations start to proceed with securing their data, the real  trigger is a noticed incident with implications or consequences. In order to start considering serious security measures, it shows that these incidents are evenly important triggers to change behaviour. Of course the right way is to prevent these risks upfront with proper measurements and means and suiting awareness and behaviour.

You can compare these situations with driving without a seatbelt. It is not the fine that will make people realise that they have to use it Unfortunately it often takes an accident to make people realise the safety it provides. For organizations this kind of awareness starts at the top.  Awareness in the boardroom is the best place to start a security driven project.

What will RiskXS deliver?

RiskXS assists in the risk analysis phase and will demonstrate which actions will offer adequate security, whilst achieving the mandatory level of compliance. This results in a report that describes the required steps to follow to properly protect and secure your information. The solutions can be a mix of the XSecutive offerings or a solution combined with your current suppliers. The latter in particular helps you leverage your existing investment and to optimally align with your current applications.

Where to start?

We offer a choice between a 'Quick Scan' which works primarily on measures to prevent security breaches. We focus on the following topics:

1. Financial impact
2. Legal consequences
3. IT solutions

Another reason to start a scan, is when you expect that your organization is already leaking information or is being hacked. The order of steps will be adapted to the severity of the expected breaches. In each case we will start to get a clear picture of the awareness of your organization and the state your IT security architecture is in. We will pay attention to:

1. Level of awareness of the board
2. Level of awareness of your employees
3. Which security measures have been put in place already?
4. What type of information is most important to protect?
5. Where lies the greatest risk (external or internal)?
6. Which departments are at risk? Etc. etc.

Does this approach appeal to your situations, then call or email us.