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Law "Obligation Reporting Data leaks"

According to section 13 of the Dutch “Wbp” the person responsible has to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect privacy information against loss or any form of unlawful processing. Loss means that you no longer have control over your data, because these are destroyed, corrupted or lost in any way. Unlawful forms of processing are deterioration of data, unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure thereof.

Report within 2 working days.

Data breach or corruption must immediately - without delay - be reported. To examine  if there has been a leak of privacy information, you have 48 hours. After that must prove that it has no bearing to privacy information or that the information has been encrypted. If you cannot determine that within two days, then you must report in advance. You have the possibility to revoke this at a later time again. However, once reported, the procedure takes effect that you need to inform others in your "chain" on this alleged leak, even if you are not sure whether this is a real threat to those involved. Your reputation is at stake.

What do organisations need?

Organisations need clarity, a simple method to increase the security of their information and an clear overview of steps to take on how to maintain at the required level. Detect and act.

Detect and act

In addition to raising awareness, setting up your information flows and apply "policy enforcement",  network detection is essential. Mainly in order to determine if the threats that lurk are accurate. ShieldXS offers this and detects from inside your network. ShieldXS is a valuable addition to your existing security measures such as firewalls and anti-virus solutions. ShieldXS monitors in real time your information flow from the inside-out and compares to millions of malicious threat indicators such as detection of patterns related to malware or suspicious or incorrect IP addresses. This detection generates an alert that triggers actions to eliminate the threat. This can be an alert to your network manager or directly to our NOC/SOC. We will than act to solve the leak or threat, either remotely or on-site by our incident response team.

Cyber Security as a service

ShieldXS is a cloud-based service without impacting your IT-organization or processes. The installed ShieldXS probe provides real-time measurement of network behaviour and looks at the 'traffic' information only and not at the content. This behaviour is monitored 24/7 and is automatically analyzed and channeled on threat levels. Reported threats are handled by our SOC and incident response team based on pre-arranged protocols. To be compliant, we will store your network traffic data at least 365 days. Next to the immediate respond on these direct threats, the network traffic data is filtered through a heuristic process that can reveal new threat information. In addition to the standard reports, there are many additional services that can be tailor made to your specific requirements.

Depending on your network design and demands, you can choose for the ShieldXS cloud based service or implementation on-site. When implemented on-site you can still choose the monitoring through our Security Operations Center (SOC) and incident management response team.

Security Scans

A fundamental step towards information security is the identification of risks. Only by understanding these risks you are able to make founded decisions about whether or not to dissolve them, how and in what order. Accumulating this understanding is done through security cans. These security scans can be focused on different parts of your IT-environment, from policies to technology and the user of them.

ShieldXS combines extensive operational experience with strategic capacity. Our consultants are not only able to assess your policies or detect vulnerabilities in systems, but also evaluate whether the configuration of your firewalls and virus scanners is optimal, with the perfect balance between security and usability.

Security as a Service

ShieldXS is a very distinctive outsourcing partner in the Benelux being  a Security as a Service Provider (SaaS). We support organizations by providing the  management of information security. In our experience a security solutions consists 20% of technology and 80% of proper management. Implementing a new, great security product in itself does not solve any problems. Only with the right attention one can leverage the security technology to its fullest. A growing number of  organizations conclude that they lack  time and knowledge to perform these management tasks themselves. This leads to the increasing need for outsourcing of security operations  ShieldXS has specialized in.

The basic principles of information security require that the management of security technology must be arranged flexibly. The pace at which new risks arise in the digital domain, requires sustained efforts and continuous adjustment. A SaaS-based service with manageable SLA agreements can meet your compliance challenges. At ShieldXS we understand this. We invest heavily in expertise are solution focused and have a dedicated team to be your sparring partner

Our services are offered as a cloud service or on-premise solution, depending on what suits your organization best. We combine the management of proven security technology with high-quality incident response services. A unique combination with which ShieldXS distinguishes itself in the Benelux market.

Incident Response.

A vulnerable  network can have huge consequences. The risk of an incident with a major impact increases if an organisation does not properly respond to an incident. For most organizations it is difficult - if not impossible - to adequately detect, stop or prevent new leaks. It is therefore important to contact the Incident Response Team (IRT) of ShieldXS directly after an incident occurs.

ShieldXS security experts are ready for you

Experienced security experts are at your service to come into action directly. They know the drill and are in a position to make the right steps and minimize the consequences of an incident. In addition to in-depth technical expertise a structured crisis communication and coordination plan are of outmost importance.

The following five steps are run through:
1. Research
2. Containment
3. Forensic commitment and analysis
4. Recovery
5. Reporting and follow-up

Depending on the size of a leak, the investigation takes three days to a week. Together with you we can determine whether additional services are necessary for recovery and prevention measures after recovery.
Based on the findings in the report and lessons learned, we can provide you with tailor made measures to identify and prevent incidents in the future.

ShieldXS and your organization.

ShieldXS helps to increase control of your information security and secures a reduction of damage after digital incidents. ShieldXS prevents and minimizes the impact ofincidents and provides  your organization with the necessary control.


  • Cloud primary or on-premise secondary (hybrid)
    • 24x7 monitoring and detection
    • Act based on protocols per individual threat-level
    • Storage for compliancy, minimum one year, two secure data centers
    • Reporting and portal access
    • Price per user per month or year

ShieldXS monitoring.

  • Advanced and active monitoring on the basis of threats generated by the Rsyslog output
    • Heuristics are applied on the mid-term logging to perform faster and more effective threat analyses
    • Monitoring generated data writes

ShieldXS incident response.

  • 24X7 acting on pre-defined threat levels
    • Alerting through sms/email/telephone - automatically (depending on capabilities)
    • Isolation of an infected client or end-point
    • The ShieldXS dashboard has a restful API available, so it can be integrated with any existing monitoring technology

ShieldXS reporting and portal.

  • Insightful customer portal with a dashboard build on your needs and requirements
    • Reports on number of streams
    • Shows trends
    • Incident Level threats